Synthesis report: Identification of enabling and disenabling social and cultural factors affecting aquaculture development

Success or failure of any development intervention is largely dependent on human capital, social capital of households and a range of socio-cultural factors that include culture, religion, beliefs, ethnicity, caste, nationality, social norms and gender; these socio-culture factors are not discrete but interact simultaneously. Development interventions must be harmonized with given specific socio-cultural contexts for successful adoption and retention of development interventions. The objectives of this report were to identify and understand local social and cultural assets, and constraints for aquaculture development through the analysis of social and cultural factors that enable or impede poor people's aquaculture efforts from successfully delivering development outcomes through a literature review and country case studies.


Morgan, M., Pant, J., Puskur, R., Phillips, M., Rajaratnam, S., Terry, G., Edwards, P. (2014)
AFSPAN Work Package 5