Technical consultancy of bivalve hatchery system development and cockle seed resource management, January 15-March 15, 1985.

This publication is a summary report of the consultant, based on the the following terms of reference: 1. Assist researchers at the Fisheries Research Institute, Glugor, Penang to develop an induced spawning/larval rearing facility for studying the aspects of the early life history of cockles important to seed resource management. 2. Make field visits to natural cockle beds and culture areas and asse&S prospects for recovery of natural areas which used to receive natural spatfall but are now unproductive. 3. Assess prospects and possible sites for reseeding programmes. 4. Prepare a detailed report containing recommendations on seed resource conservation and management and on research methods for studying the early life history of cockles and other Malaysian bivalves.


Angell, C. (1985)