Training manual on improved prawn-carp polyculture and dyke cropping in Gher system

Due to inadequate technical knowledge and training in advanced methods of gradually growing tilapia culture, framers are not getting expected yield. From the very beginning of the CSISA-BD project, WoldFish Center has taken initiative to introduce advanced methods in tilapia culture. To do this, the shortage of skilled trainers and training materials, has, particularly, been realized. Presently, a number of manuals on tilapia culture from Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute, WorldFish Center and different GOs and NGOs are available. The training manual on ’Improved Tilapia Culture and Dyke Cropping in Pond/Gher’ has been developed by the World Fish Center based on practical experiences from the field and with the help of other published manuals and taking into account various environmental and socioeconomic challenges the fish farmers may have to cope with.


Ashoke Kumar Sarker, Gopal Chandra Datta, Md. Abdur Razzak, Md. Hasnal Alam, Biswajit Mondal, Md. Sarwardy (2011)
Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia in Bangladesh (CSISA-Bangladesh), WorldFish Center