Typology of interventions aiming to reduce antimicrobial use (AMU) in aquaculture systems in low and middle-income countries

This poster aims to conduct a typology analysis of interventions to reduce antimicrobial use (AMU) in aquaculture systems of low and Aim middle income countries and provide an overview of the policy landscape affecting AMU. Poster presented at the Second international conference - Quantification, Benchmarking and Stewardship of Veterinary Antimicrobial Usage, held in Bern, Switzerland from 2-3 July 2019. This conference was organized by AACTING - Network on quantification of veterinary Antimicrobial usage at herd level and Analysis, CommunicaTion and benchmarkING to improve responsible usage.


Garza, M. Häsler, B. Chadag, M. Brunton, L. Wieland, B. (2019)
London: Royal Veterinary College, University of London