Understanding livelihoods dependent on inland fisheries in Bangladesh and Southeast Asia: synthesis report

This report provides an assessment of the livelihoods strategies of the poor people dependent on inland fisheries in Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Lao PDR and Vietnam. Drawing upon the results of a one year investigation under the Project entitled "Understanding Livelihoods Dependent on Inland Fisheries", policies and institutions for fisheries management and livelihoods assets of the stakeholders in inland fisheries in the four countries. The report also discusses the trends and changes in fisheries and wetland resources. It highlights the key challenges and prospects, threats and vulnerabilities of the poor stakeholders and problems and constraints in maintaining and enhancing the livelihoods of the poor stakeholders in inland fisheries.


Dixon, P.J., Sultana, P., Thompson, P., Ahmed, M., Halls, A.S., Lorenzen, K. (2003)