Understanding livelihoods dependent on inland fisheries in Bangladesh and Southeast Asia: Vietnam summary report

This is one of the four countries reports which provides an assessment of the livelihoods strategies of the poor people dependent on inland fisheries in Vietnam. The project aimed to characterise the poor, identify their dependence upon aquatic resources, the nature and status of those resources, and their vulnerabilities in relation to loss or mismanagement. Constraints and possible research priorities have been identified through consultations with poor fishers and other aquatic resource users, and with other organizations. Fisheries resource status has been summarized. The national studies have (i) reviewed the existing literature and conducted stakeholder discussions resulting in a country status report, and (ii) conducted Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRAs) with fisheries stakeholders to fill information gaps and obtain opinions resulting in a country PRA report. This country summary report is prepared on the basis of those two reports.


Sultana, P., Vo tong Anh, Chiem, N.N. (2003)