The use of remote sensing and geographic information systems in coastal zone management.

This paper outlines the opportunities and constraints in the use of remote sensing technology and geographic information systems (GIS) for coastal zone management (CZM). Extensive applications of remote sensing under ASEAN/US CRMP were hindered by cost, lack of familiarity with the methodologies, lack of technical expertise and inaccessibility of remotely sensed data. The use of GIS in CRMP was limited to the Malaysian project. Although many of the real-world complexities of the coastal zone cannot be adequately represented in current GIS, it still serves as a useful tool for CZM. While the advantages of combining remote sensing and GIS technology for studies such as CZM are recognized, some practical difficulties are faced in its actual use in projects like CRMP. An institutional CIS framework must be established in developing countries to build up the technical capabilities, providethe mechanisms to maintain/update the system and ensure sustained support.


Kam, S.P., Paw, J.N., Loo, M. (1992)
ICLARM Conf. Proc. (37): 107-131