Vertical agriculture: Homestead horticulture suspended in sacks

Suspending horticulture in sacks above the ground can result in higher levels of productivity for vegetables when the challenges of unfertile or saline soil, flooding, waterlogging, and land and water constraints are regularly encountered. Previously used feed and fertilizer sacks are filled with a high-productivity soil mixture. Vegetables are grown on the top and/or in holes cut into the sides of the sacks. While growing vegetables in sacks has existed for many years in Bangladesh, the technique has been modified by WorldFish in collaboration with farmer researchers. This brief describes this technique and its effectiveness in helping families adapt to salinity intrusion and waterlogging in food production.


Hossain, E., Nurun Nabi, S.M., Kaminski, A. (2015)
Penang, Malaysia: WorldFish. Program Brief: 2015-30