Vitamin B-12 status in infancy is positively associated with development and cognitive functioning 5 y later in Nepalese children

Poor vitamin B-12 (cobalamin) status is widespread in South Asia. Insufficient vitamin B-12 status has been linked to poor neurodevelopment in young children. The objective of this paper is to measure the associations between vitamin B-12 status in infancy (2-12 mo) and the development and cognitive functioning in Nepalese children 5 y later.


Kvestad, I., Hysing, M., Shrestha, M., Ulak, M., Thorne-Lyman, A.L., Henjum, S., Ueland, P.M., Midttun, O., Fawzi, W., Chandyo, R.K., Shrestha, P.S., Strand, T.A. (2017)
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 105(5): 1122-1131