Vitamin status among breastfed Infants in Bhaktapur, Nepal

Vitamin deficiencies are known to be common among infants residing in low- and middle-income countries but relatively few studies have assessed several biochemical parameters simultaneously.The purpose of this study was to describe the status of key vitamins (A, D, E, B6, B12 and folate, and the biomarkers total homocysteine and methylmalonic acid) in a random sample of breastfed infants, from two months of age, residing in Bhaktapur, Nepal.


Ulak, M., Chandyo, R.K., Thorne-Lyman, A.L., Henjum, S., Ueland, P.M., Midttun, O., Shrestha, P.S., Fawzi, W.W., Graybill, L., Strand, T.A. (2016)
Nutrients, 8(3): 149 [open access]