Weed control by adult and juvenile tilapia Tilapia rendalli in rainfed ponds.

Two studies were conducted in consecutive years over the time period 14 January to 1 July to determine whether labor-savings and fish growth enhancement could be achieved by stocking Tilapia rendalli directly into ponds containing weeds left from a dry period. Six replicates 200 m super(2) ponds located at the Malawi National Aquaculture Centre, Domasi were drained, left dry for 63 days and natural growth of weeds was allowed. All ponds were stocked with 200 T. rendalli fingerlings (study 1) or adults (study 2) averaging 4.6 g (40 mm TL) and 47.7 (130 mm TL), respectively. For T. rendalli juveniles, final standing stock, growth and offspring production were significantly (P<0.05) better in fed than in weedy ponds. Average weight of fingerlings were significantly (P<0.05) different between the two treatments. For T. rendalli adults, final standing stock, growth and offspring production were not affected by the presence of weeds.


Brummett, R.E. (1995)
NAGA 18 (1): 25-28