Wetlands management in Cambodia: socioeconomic, ecological, and policy perspectives

The papers in this volume were initially prepared for a workshop organized in April 2001 in Siem Reap, Cambodia, under the auspices of the project, " Legal and institutional framework and economic valuation of resources and environment in the Mekong River Region- a wetlands approach." The first three papers provide an essential survey of the importance of wetlands, trends affecting their health and propductivity, and priority actions in response. The next three papers focus on the social, institutional, and legal challenges of wetlands management in the country. The final three papers address the problems of assessing and enhancing the value of wetlands.


Torell, M., Salamanca, A.M., Ratner, B.D. (eds.) (2004)
WorldFish Center Tech. Rep. (64): 45 p.