Winners and losers in area-based management of a small-scale fishery in the Colombian Pacific

The Pacific coast of Colombia has some of the most extensive mangrove forests in South America. As an isolated region and one of the country's poorest, coastal communities rely on fishing as a main source of animal protein and income. In an attempt to reverse declining trends of fisheries resources, in 2008, an Exclusive Zone of Artisanal Fishing closed to industrial fishing, was established by stakeholders in the Northern Chocó region. Here we present a case study to investigate the effects of this area-based management on fisheries productivity and catch composition.


López-Angarita, J., Tilley, A., Díaz, J.M., Hawkins, J.P., Cagua, E.F., Roberts, C.M. (2018)
Frontiers in Marine Science, online 6 Feb [open access]