Women’s empowerment in aquaculture: Two case studies from Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the top ten aquaculture-producing countries globally. The sector makes a significant contribution to the country’s development. Women are engaged in a range of aquaculture production and value chain activities in Indonesia. In particular, women are predominate in marketing and processing. Despite this, there is currently a lack of information regarding women’s roles – and more fundamentally – the outcomes for women and factors that enable or constrain these. This represents a critical gap in the knowledge needed for effective aquaculture programmes and policies. This report presents the findings of a small study that begins to address this gap. Overall, the objective of the study is to generate a greater understanding of if, and the ways in which women’s engagement in aquaculture may contribute to women’s social and economic empowerment.


Sari, I., McDougall, C., Rajaratnam, S., Park, C.M.Y. (2017)
Rome, Italy: Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nation ; Penang, Malaysia: WorldFish