17 Jun 2019 to 18 Jun 2019

WorldFish is participating as the forefront panelist at the 3rd Roundtable Events-High Impact and Underrepresented Nutrition Sensitive Food Systems in South Asia led by South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative (SAFANSI)WorldBank.

This year, the roundtable discussion will be centering on high impact underrepresented nutrition-sensitive food systems in South Asia. WorldFish will be featuring among its pioneer projects in fisheries-nutrition and aquaculture research.

SAFANSI is a multi-donor program administered by the World Bank that seeks to advance the food and nutrition security agenda and foster intersectoral action in South Asia. Since its inception in 2010, SAFANSI has supported over 95 initiatives across South Asia. The strategic approach fostered by SAFANSI is to increase in the commitment of governments and development partners in South Asia region (SAR) for Food and Nutrition Security-related policies and programs will lead to measurable improvements in Food and Nutrition Security.

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