The Feed the Future Bangladesh Aquaculture and Nutrition Activity (BANA) is a five-year project of USAID implemented by WorldFish working to improve nutrition through growth in the aquaculture sector.  BANA works in twenty one districts of southwestern Bangladesh and two districts in the southeast.  

In Bangladesh, the role of aquaculture and fisheries sector to improve food security, meet nutritional demand and support socio-economic development is very important.  This sector contributes 3.7% to the GDP and 23% to the agricultural GDP of the country. Currently, about 17 million people, more than 11% of the population, depend on fisheries sector for their livelihoods, and aquaculture industry has a huge potential for further growth. 

In the current situation, to contain the covid-19 virus, people are respecting the lockdown order. An unfortunate consequence is the potential for disruption in input supply and output marketing across the aquaculture along the supply chain. Fish farmers, hatcheries, nurseries, traders, and feed dealers are experiencing difficulties reaching markets to purchase inputs and sell their production. To address the problems BANA is interested to take quick initiative partnering with relevant organizations. 


BANA wants to hire organizations which have programs and projects to overcome the challenges faced by fish farmers and their suppliers. BANA is interested in working with Bangladeshi organizations-- private businesses, NGOs, associations, and others-- to implement activities quickly to counter the adverse impact of this situation on aquaculture markets.  

The selected partner organizations will work with relevant aquaculture stakeholders to provide support to the fish farmer groups, hatcheries, nurseries, traders, and feed dealers to counter the adverse impact of covid-19 virus on aquaculture markets 

Scope of Work 

  • In close consultation with BANA, the partner organizations will:  
    • Identify fish farmer groups, hatcheries, nurseries, traders, feed dealers and other relevant stakeholders.
    • Support concerned aquaculture actors for safe transportation of aquaculture inputs and outputs. 
    • Disseminate messages and advisory services among aquaculture actors to continue production, transportation and marketing maintaining social distance and proper hygiene at farms, workplaces and markets.
    • Create awareness and work for the maintenance of hygiene to create a clean and dry fish market
    • Work with concerned authority to arrange/organize alternative/temporary buying and selling places and options. 
    • Organize/arrange group buying and selling of inputs and outputs through establishing linkages among the relevant actors.
    • Credit Support service: Business development services for aquaculture enterprises to access to special institutional loans of national/ private banks for COVID-19.
    • Design projects to create direct linkages between the framers and the urban market actors to facilitate the fish procurement from farm gate to fish market. 
    • Design specific programs to work with the government to support farmers through them.   
  •  The applicant has option to pick one from this long list of activities and focus a proposal on that one. However, please note that this list is not complete, it is open the applicant also has the option to come up with ideas and proposals to response to COVID-19 pandemic.   
  • The partner organizations will provide support in BANA working area (21 districts of Khulna, Barishal and Dhaka divisions and 2 districts of Chattogram division) as necessary. The activities will be for six month time frame.

Key Deliverables

  • Detailed activity plan and budget for 6 months
  • Day-wise ongoing action plan and achievement report   
  • Services in response to COVID- 19, delivered to the relevant aquaculture actors
  • Reports following BANA approved templates     

Who can apply? 

Only qualified applicants should apply. "Qualified" means an established organization with a track record in providing such or similar services. 

All shortlisted applicants will make a capabilities presentation to BANA before selection. 

Required documentation 

  • If selected for the grant, the partner will be required to show:
  • A certificate of incorporation (for individual companies, a trade license); 
  • Joint stock registration certificate (if applicable);
  • An organizational organogram of key personnel, inclusive of the names of such personnel; 
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN); 
  • VAT registration number;
  • Proof of a segregated account (providing the name and address of such an account); 
  • Other valid papers (provided by government institutions).
  • The consulting firm must bear all annual income tax (AIT). 
  • Percentage of VAT and total amount of VAT should be mentioned in the proposal. 

Submission details 
Interested parties should submit an expression of interest (EOI) which includes a description of your organization, a statement of the problem you can solve & what you will do, and a simple estimated budget. Think about a six month time frame. Please submit your EOI on or before May 10, 2020, via email to: mentioning the title of solicitation in the subject line. 

Download Application Form