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Feeding both pond and fish: A pathway to ecological intensification of aquaculture systems

The nutritious pond concept is a novel approach that enables the pond itself to contribute significantly to the diet of the farmed fish/shrimp. Our research shows that feeding the pond by balancing the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio can increase the ...

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Production without medicalisation: Workshop on AMR, One Health and Aquaculture, Dhaka February 12-13th 2019

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), or the ability of microbes to resist the effects of medicines and other chemicals that are used to control them, presents a formidable threat to health and sustainable development. In particular, aquaculture is recognized ...

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Cost effective aquaponics for food security and income of farming households in coastal Bangladesh

The word ‘aquaponics’ is a combination of ‘aquaculture’ (fish farming) and hydroponics (cultivation in water). It raises both vegetables and fish in a limited space at a relatively low financial cost by adding diversification in culture technique. In this ...

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FISH events: 8th Independent Steering Committee meeting

8th Independent Steering Committee Meeting

The Independent Steering Committee is a governing body that reports directly to the WorldFish Board of Trustees on the performance of the FISH program.

Meeting members consist of scientists, practitioners and representatives from end-user bodies that represent a balance of disciplinary expertise, gender and national diversity.

ICS Chair, Dr. Nigel Preston and Professor Sattar Mandal are among those present in this Eight ISC meeting. Programs in this meeting will include collaboration local University and fields visit.

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Monday, April 1, 2019 to Friday, April 5, 2019
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Tekshoyi unnoyon e service provision model (Service provision model in sustainable development)

This story describes the service provision model introduced by WorldFish through the Improving Food Security and Livelihoods project. The model focuses on local service providers (LSP) and service provider associations (SPAs), which act as a bridge ...

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Rajur shofolota (Raju's success)

This story describes Raju’s adoption of best farming practices. He was following conventional farming methods but did not have enough capital to intensify his production and was disappointed with his annual profit. Ali, a local service provider trained by ...

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Chaaper pona (Overwintered fry)

This is the story of fish farmer Azim, who overwintered carp fry on his farm and benefited economically. Farmers often underutilize their ponds in the winter. However, as fry do not eat much food or grow because of the low temperature, the pond can be ...

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Bureau of Socioeconomic Research and Training

Scaling Systems and Partnerships for Accelerating the Adoption of Improved Tilapia Strains by Small-Scale Fish Farmers (SPAITS) Advanced Research Institution Bangladesh The Bureau of Socioeconomic Research and Training was established in ...

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Saudi Bangla Fish Feed Limited Private Sector Bangladesh Saudi Bangla Fish Feed Limited (SBFFL) is a leading feed mill in Bangladesh. It is a manufacturer, producer, wholesaler and supplier of fish, poultry and cattle feed formulation and ...

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Jagannath University Academic Institution Bangladesh Jagannath University focuses on quality education, research and strengthening human values through a holistic concern for the betterment of the environment, society and overall quality of ...

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