"Lands of the Lake" or "Terres du Lac" or "Dey boeung". 56mn long documentary made of 7 chapters. Theme: fisheries and infrastructure development in the Mekong Basin (the Tonle Sap perspective). Languages: English, French, Khmer (online: English version only). Director: C.Gargiulo. Scientific content: E. Baran. Producer: WorldFish Center, in collaboration with the Cambodia National Mekong Committee. This movie follows fish migration along the Mekong River down to the amazing fisheries of the Tonle Sap Lake.

Coastal areas, the inhabitants of which are often dependant on fish for food and income, are increasingly those most affected by natural disasters. This video takes a look at how one remote fishing community in Aceh, Indonesia, which was totally destroyed following the 2004 tsunami, is benefiting from rehabilitation efforts by WorldFish and partners that put the community at the heart of planning and implementing new options for their future.


Malawi — the food crisis is adding to the misery of countries already crippled by other burdens like drought and HIV. Here people are turning to fish farming, not only for food and income but also as a way to cope with the challenges of HIV, in particular the orphans from AIDS. This video takes a look at WorldFish's work with partners to reduce poverty and hunger in Africa through fish farming.