Baba  Yusuf Abubakar

Board Chair

Baba Yusuf Abubakar

Prof. Abubakar was the pioneer executive secretary of the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (2006–2016) and is currently a visiting professor at the University of Abuja. Previously, he has served internationally as: a member for the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research [CGIAR] ExCo & Fund/System Council representing sub-Saharan Africa (2008–2016); chairman of the governing board of the West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (2010–2012); a member of the governing board of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (2010–2012); and an expert panel member on the Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa (2013). Currently, he is an executive board member of the Technical Center for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (2013–2018). He has Master’s and PhD degrees in Animal Breeding and Quantitative Genetics from Cornell University and has written over 160 publications.