Christopher Price

Country Director, Regional Director, South Asia

Christopher Ross Price

Chris has over 35 years’ experience working for the UK Department for International Development, formerly The Overseas Development Administration (ODA), most of the time having been spent in developing countries including 9 years in Bangladesh. He has had long term postings in a variety of countries including Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Nigeria as well as being seconded to the European Union (DevCo) in Brussels and DANIDA, directing or managing large and complex donor-funded projects that are directly relevant to the role in Bangladesh. He brings a wealth of technical expertise and on-the ground practical experience of programme design, management, monitoring, and communication of results. 

As Senior Fisheries Adviser for DFID, based in London, Chris had oversight of over 30 fisheries and aquaculture projects globally and spent considerable time in over 15 countries in Africa, South America and Asia. For four years, Chris managed all ODA funding to fisheries research through CGIAR and four centres of excellence in fish genetics, aquaculture, post-harvest and capture fisheries. 

Alleviation of poverty, income generation, inclusion, and addressing under-nutrition have been a central focus of most of the programmes Chris has designed or managed during his career, which is hugely advantageous for the WorldFish program. 

While Chris was the Head of the ODA funded Bangladesh Aquaculture and Fisheries Resource Unit in Bangladesh, he was responsible for developing, together with Government of Bangladesh and NGOs, an overall strategy for fisheries programming across Bangladesh. This comprised seven different projects including those focused on aquaculture, cage farming, community fisheries management, open-water fisheries and post-harvest processing. He led overall design, implementation and monitoring with a team of over 45 staff.