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A simple tank system, using artificial aeration to supply oxygen and incoming water to dilute metabolic by-products and other wastes, was tested. Blue tilapia, Oreochromis aureus, were grown under a wide range of loads, 7-31 kg liter -1 min -1, and densities, 19-77 kg fish m-3 culture unit. Average yield ranged from 6-10 kg m-3 culture unit per month. Approximately 14-20 m3 of water was used for each kilogram of fish produced.

Capture fisheries and aquaculture provide a large quantity of bivalve molluscs for human consumption in Thailand each year. The existing information on trace elements in these bivalves is fragmentary and contradictory. This paper reports data for eight metals (cadmium, chromium, copper, iron, lead, nickel, mercury and zinc) in the four major species marketed.