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Evidence for the role of algae as food in tilapia production is contradictory and typifies a general uncertainty about the importance of algae-to-fish food pathway in aquaculture. Viewpoints regarding the importance of algae cropping by fish reflect this uncertainty. Some aquaculturists believe that the commonly cultured tilapias harvest algae inefficiently, eating only about 10% of the total net algae production.

Of the 101 shrimp-producing countries listed in the 1983 FAO Yearbook of Fishery Statistics, 70% are developing countries; the 4 leading producers from the Asia/Pacific region were India, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. Thedemand for shrimps in the world market and the shrimp supply situation are examined, considering also the need for aquaculture. Shrimp culture in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico is described briefly.