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This major work on carp hatchery and nursery methods was part of an Asian Development Bank (ADB) project to improve carp seed production technology in ADB-member countries notably Bangladesh, Burma, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Designed as a reference source on carp seed production and as a mini-library for those stationed at seed production centers remote from scientific information channels.

Full proceedings of the 1983 PCARRD-ICLARM Workshop on Philippine Tilapia Economics held at Laguna, Philippines. The workshop brought together Philippine researchers who had conducted economic analyses of tilapia operations. Contains 18 papers, working group reports, discussions and recommendations.

A account is given of the aquaculture courses available at the Aquaculture Research and Training Asian Institute of Technology, describing also the facilities and research directions which include a scheme to recycle seepage, excreta reuse by duckweed, integrated farming and water hyacinth.