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The scientific pursuit of aquaculture is a fairly new activity and for many aspects of aquaculture a firm scientific basis is not yet in place. Nevertheless, fish and shellfish farming is an important source of food and a means for producing utilization of some underutilized natural resources. Following a long gestation period dating back to the 1950s, the practices for tropical aquaculture are beginning to be standardized and productioin from aquaculture is increasing rapidly.

Tilapias are opportunistic, omnivorous feeders but the species of interest to culturists fall into two groups with respect to feeding preference: the herbivorous, macrophyte-feeders (Tilapia rendalli and T. zillii) and the microphagous Oreochromis spp. Information on the former is confusing, partly because of the use of stocks of poor or questionable quality for experimental work. Herbivorous tilapias are theoretically attractive for low cost aquaculture.