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Tilapia is the second most popular cultured fish in the Philippines. Increased consumer demand is discussed briefly and an account is given of hatcheries, cage culture in lakes and land based grow-out systems.

The authors argue that tropical aquaculture could make a significant contribution to the world fish supply, but is hindered by the absence of an adequate research base. They outline the history of aquacultural research, analyse the problem of the lack of a sustained basic research programme for the development of tropical aquaculture, and propose solutions on the basis of successes in agricultural research.

Determines and measures the constraints to the adoption of more intensive fertilizer application rates among Philippine milkfish farmers. Hypothesized 56 explanatory variables, categorized into socioeconomic, institutional, physical and biotechnical parameters to explain variations in fertilizer use. Focused on farmers' perceptions of constraints. Data from 447 milkfish farmers in seven provinces and from a previous survey of 324 farmers in seven provinces.