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The existing fisheries in Brunei are almost entirely artisanal, using traditional gear. Stock assessment is discussed and the potential for aquaculture considered. Some of the problems in the fisheries are related to the extensive oil and natural gas industry but the greatest problem is that of red tides, which are a constraint not only in the development of the bivalve shellfish industry but also in the utilization of some fish resources there, at least during the bloom periods.

Multiple regression equations with predator density and prey (parent) density were used to predict recruitment in Channa striata: Tilapia nilotica culture systems. The superiority of such equations over fixed predator-prey ratios commonly used in aquaculture is demonstrated using data from these systems, as well as Cichlasoma managuense - Tilapia aurea systems, and three marine predator-prey systems.

The paper focuses on the role of the relative prices in farmers' production behaviour and presents a model for explaining output variations among farmers. In the context of this production mode, the concepts of output elasticity, economies of scale, and technical and economic efficiency are explained using illustrative examples.