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Research into developing farming methods for giant clams at the ICLARM Coastal Aquaculture Centre in the Solomon Islands has proceeded in parallel with a program of village-based trials. This program is an attempt to involve the envisaged recipients of technology at a very early stage. The considerations, design and initial implementation of this program from 1988 to 1990 are described in this article.

Commercial aquaculture in Oceania is currently restricted to the red alga Eucheuma sp., the blacklip pearl oyster, Pinctada margaritifera and penaeid shrimp, principally Penaeus monodon. There have been numerous attempts to cultivate exotic species of bivalves, crustaceans and fish, many of which have been unsuccessful in terms of aquaculture but which have resulted in wild stocks of the exotic species becoming established.

An account is given of the use of salt evaporation ponds for fish (Mugil curema ) production in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and future prospects are examined.