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The study documents the profitability of the trawl fishing, the poverty of small-scale fishermen, the heavy overfishing of the Gulf of Thailand, and the discrepancy between the catching power of the Thai fishing industry and the management and enforcement capabilities of Thailand and its neighbors.

An account is given of fisheries in Haiti which employ primitive technology, and problems regarding overfishingconsidered. Since boats used are small and motorless, there is no fishing activity in deep water and Haiti has to import fish to supply the needs of the people. Possibilities in aquaculture and also regulation and expansion of themarine fishery are examined.

Seasonal trawling bans or closed seasons are among the most conventional management measures. They are more easily enforceable and, if implemented at the appropriate time of the year, usually produce good results. The purpose of ths paper is to describe a very successful experiment of this type undertaken recently in Cyprus, and the surprisingly good results draw attention to the particular usefulness of such a measure in very heavily overfished areas.