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The South China Sea is an important fishing area with an annual harvest of some 5 million tonnes, or 10% of the catches jointly taken by the developing nations of the world. Details are given of a model of the area describing fisheries catches and biological interactions. The area, viewed as a large marine ecosystem, was divided into 10 subsystems; each subsystem was then linked with adjacent subsystems by predatory links, and detritus flows.

The recent transition, in Italy, to an improved sampling scheme for fisheries catch and effort data, is described, with emphasis on the interactions between civil servants and fisheries scientists and on specific features of Italian fishery resources and research that may be common with those of some developing countries.

A description is given of the artisanal fishery for yellow clam (Mesodesma mactroides ) conducted on beaches between the resorts of La Coronilla and Barra de Chuy, Uruguay. The clams are gathered by means of simple implements such as shovels, put in bags and kept in nearby storehouses after they have been checked for weight and size control.