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Overfishing threatens to extinguish local fisheries for valuable tropical sea cucumbers by reducing population densities to the point where reproductive success trails behind natural mortality (known as depensation or the ‘Allee effect’). Once this happens, conventional management measures alone, such as closed seasons/areas, size limits and gear restrictions, will usually fail to repair the damage.

A fish catch monitoring program was introduced in Ashura beel, Goakhola beel and Dikshi beel in 1997 through the Community Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) project. The project focused on developing community management approaches which would encourage participation of the fishers, beneficiaries and community in sustainable management of the fishery resources.

The contemporary legal regime for marine capture fisheries is dominated by management based on maximum sustainable yield (MSY). This study examines the law, science, politics and practice of MSY in a selection of developing archipelagic states to assess whether and how MSY is being used in the management of single fish species and as part of a broader ecosystem approach to fisheries management.