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This report examines the current status of production and participation in large-scale and small scale fisheries in Thailand. It also looks at both the marine and inland capture fisheries of the country and capture fisheries out of Thai waters by Thai fishing boats.

This chapter highlights the important role of fisheries in providing livelihoods, trade and food security in the Southeast Asian region. It addresses the problem of decreasing fisheries and marine biodiversity and discusses legal and governance factors such as property rights and conflicts in this context. They authors finally identify opportunities for better fisheries management including transnational cooperation and improvements on the local level.

A fish catch monitoring program was introduced in Ashura beel, Goakhola beel and Dikshi beel in 1997 through the Community Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) project. The project focused on developing community management approaches which would encourage participation of the fishers, beneficiaries and community in sustainable management of the fishery resources.