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The main objectives of the project were to evaluate the present status of the fishenes in Sierra Leone and to make recommendations of possible management strategies in the light of the priontv proclaimed by the Government of Sierra Leone to give preference to local fisheries, particular artisanal and semi-industrial, over foreign fisheries.

A description of the small-scale fisheries of the coastal pelagic and demersal resources off Kribi, Cameroon, is presented. The major fishing grounds are within the estuarine zone, an area of high productivity. Catch estimates of 19.5 t year super(-1) and 6.5 t year super(-1) were obtained for the pelagic motorized and nonmotorized canoes, respectively, while estimates of 11 t year super(-1) were obtained for the demersal motorized canoes.

A brief account of the evolution and structure of the marine fisheries of Senegal, West Africa, is presented, with emphasis on the small-scale subsector and on the major recommendations of an international symposium/workshop on this topic, held on February 1993 in Dakar.