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This paper discusses the mechanics and implications of municipal concessions in the Philippines which govern the use of municipal waters for fish corrals, oyster culture beds and gathering of milkfish fry. These concessions or territorial use rights are awarded annually by the resource owner (the municipality) to the highest bidder. In the case of milkfish fry gathering, the concessionaire assumes monopsonist rights of first purchase from fry gatherers.

Equity, Fry

Scientists working to provide farmers with new technologies often have a narrow view of the farming systems in which their technologies must fit. Conventional stereotypes also govern their views on gender. The exercises in this book help broaden their view of the farm system from a collection of enterprises on privately owned land to relationships among resource systems, some of which may well be common property.

A study summarizing available literature on aquaculture and small-scale aquaculture in Malawi. It gives a national case study of one African context in which small-scale aquaculture has developed, and in which integrated systems of agriculture-aquaculture might be promoted.