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The initiative of the Partnership for Development in Kampuchea (PADEK), in organizing a National Symposium on Women in Fisheries in Cambodia in 1994, received overwhelming support from the Government of Cambodia. This resulted in the organization of a regional seminar on the same issue involving all the countries in the Mekong Basin in 1996.

This study presents a gendered case study of landless and low-income dwellers in a coastal community whose lives depend not only on fishing but a variety of income-generating activities. It looks into the possibilities of how a group of people living in a coastal environment does not necessarily have to depend on fishing as the only source of living. It also examines the gender division of labor manifested in household, income-generating and community activities.

Globalization is an inevitable trend in Taiwan. The investment in human resources has increased over the last three decades, yielding a large pool of professionals, including women. Women became competitive professionals in Taiwan because many of them received sufficient education either to pass the licensing examinations or to enter the field of fisheries sciences. The licensing system and regulations protect junior and senior women experts from gender discrimination.