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For many officials working in development, documenting issues of particular concern to women is nothing new. These officials believe that these issues reflect women's demands for equality as well as the influence of feminist ideas on the tradition and culture of Africa. Additionally, these officials believe that a fisheries project should benefit allfishers, not just a few fishers while others lag behind or become even more disadvantaged as a result.

Sierra Leone is one of the few countries with comprehensive legislation on fisheries and a special Fisheries Division established under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The focus of the legislation and the government agency is on the improvement and development of artisanal fisheries. The onset of the war in Sierra seriously affected artisanal fishing activities - fishermen were killed, maimed or driven away from their communities and women were forced to seek refuge in safer places.

A study summarizing available literature on aquaculture and small-scale aquaculture in Malawi. It gives a national case study of one African context in which small-scale aquaculture has developed, and in which integrated systems of agriculture-aquaculture might be promoted.