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Fisheries in developing countries are under intense pressure from increasing human populations, overexploitation of resources and conflicts over access to degraded resources. Who should take the responsibility for managing fisheries? A new governance approach is needed to address the problems facing fishing communities. One promising approach involves an arrangement where management responsibility is shared between the goverment, fishing communities and other stakeholders.

This is a study undertaken to ascertain the elements and trends at the local and national levels, which define therights and rules that provide the management framework for the implementation of different types of locally basedresources management systems in marine and coastal areas. The study showed that the existing institutional set-up is not only complex, confusing and "sectoralized", but more importantly, it is fragmented, thus, causing the major systemic hindrance to more effe

In developing countries, institutional weaknesses and constraints are pervasive in the fisheries and coastal resources management sector. Legal, policy and institutional frameworks are not crafted to suit the unique features of fisheries and other coastal resources and this has resulted in mismatches and overlaps.