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This Medium-Term Plan (MTP) sets out the WorldFish Center response for harnessing fisheries and aquaculture to help address the global issue of food shortage and poverty by addressing two key development challenges: i) expanding sustainable aquaculture, and ii) ensuring productive and resilient small-scale fisheries. The MTP is developed around six major areas: 1. Global drivers of change 2. Markets and trade 3. Multi-level and multi sectoral governance 4.

Aquaculture (18%) and aquarium (77%) species comprise most of the species which are brought into the Philippines, and although meant to be confined to culture and aquarium facilities, some have escaped to natural waters, established themselves and have become invasive - with adverse impacts to indigenous species and/or the ecosystems.

Small-scale fisheries (SSF) make important but undervalued contributions to the economies of some of the world’s poorest countries. They also provide much of the animal protein needed by societies in which food security remains a pressing issue. Assessment and management of these fisheries is usually inadequate or absent and they continue to fall short of their potential as engines for development and social change.