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Penaeids play an important role in the subsistence fishery conducted by residents of Suva in Laucala Bay, Fiji. Penaeus canaliculatus is the most abundant of the 6 species that occur. A brief account is given of the fishery and some biological aspects are detailed: catch rates, size and age at sexual maturity, reproduction, mortality and yield.

A recent inventory of walls and doors within ICLARM's headquarters re-vealed a surprising total of 35 posters relating to fishes and marine life, fishing methods or some other aquatic subject. The posters were published by various organizations in 14 different countries.


New Caledonia, which is surrounded by one of the largest lagoons in the world, is a good reservoir of the Pacific species of trochus (Trochus niloticus). The shell of this large marine gastropod yields one of the thickest, most beautiful mother-of-pearls available on the world market. This article gives a brief account of the trochus resource found in the island.