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The main purpose of the study is to collect information on the input-output relationships in milkfish (Chanos chanos ) production in the Philippines. The data (analysis of which will be complete in mid-1980) can then be used to improve production operations.


A research project was initiated in 1977 at the Freshwater Aquaculture Center (FAC) of the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) design a fish polyculture system that would provide the highest economic return, giving manure as the only nutrient source, 2) determine the maximum pig or duck stocking rate per unit area of freshwater fish pond, and 3) clarify the economics of the developed production system(s).

If access to a fully exploited fishery resources remains open, the development of alternative or supplementary income sources offers the best hope for raising incomes in fishing communities. This paper presents a case study which examines the transition of Hingotanan, Philippines from an almost exclusive dependence upon capture fishing to an extensive involvement in seaweed (Eucheuma spinosum) farming.