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Objektivu husi poster nee atu haforsa kapasidade sentru fini ikan, viveirus, hakiak ikan nain sira no servisu estensaun sira atu rekuneshe no relata moras ikan Nila. Asaun preventiva, hatene inisiu sinais klinika no intervensaun rapidu hanesan dalan ida diak liu atu halo jestaun ba moras animal aquatiku. Karik ita observa sinais klinika, atitude la normal, no ikan mate la hanesan bain-bain, kontaktu ofisial aquikultura atu relata no husu ajuda.

This manual is based on findings from the implementation of the USAID-funded Rice Field Fisheries Enhancement Project (RFFEP) in four provinces of Cambodia (Kampong Thom, Siem Reap, Pursat and Battambang) between 2012 and 2016. The manual has been developed to guide relevant stakeholders and target communities in how to approach i) the selection of Community Fish Refuges (CFR) and ii) the process of designing and implementing improvements to the CFRs.

Climate variability has a profound influence on fisheries and agriculture in South Asia, including the service industry and value chains. Progress in weather and sub-seasonal/seasonal forecasting has significantly increased the information available. Yet gaps still exist in the delivery and impact of climate information services, including reliability, uncertainty, scaling and delivery.