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In 2018, WorldFish made notable progress toward our ambition to position fish firmly at the heart of discourse, policy and practice currently shaping the global thinking on transforming food systems, paying closer attention to nutrition and healthier diets and informing the path toward an inclusive and sustainable blue economy. Our achievements in 2018 are highlighted in this annual report.

There is growing interest to understand the dietary P:E requirements for the supplemental feed used in tilapia pond culture where natural food contributes to production. In an on-farm trial, we tested the effect of lowering dietary P:E ratio on fish performance, pond nutrient utilization and economic benefit under two stocking densities and feeding levels.

Tujuan poster ini adalah untuk meningkatkan keupayaan pengusaha ternakan di peringkat pengeluaran benih, asuhan dan pembesaran untuk mengenali dan melaporkan penyakit tilapia. Pencegahan, pengenalan, diagnosis dan intervensi pada peringkat awal adalah langkah terbaik untuk menguruskan penyakit haiwan akuatik.