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Red tide is the name given to blooms or population explosions of certain tiny planktonic organisms, usually in coastal waters. The organisms become so dense that the water becomes discolored, taking on a brown, red, yellow or green hue. Large areas of the sea, perhaps hundreds or thousands of square kilometers, can be affected by the phenomenon. The Red Sea takes its name from a harmless red tide that frequently appears there.


To encourage the development of deep-sea fishing in Vanuatu, the Office de la Recherche Scien-tifique et Technique d'Outre Mer (ORSTOM) is studying growth in some of the major species: Erelis carbunculus, E. coruscans, Pristipomoides multidens and P. flavipinnis.

Development of marine resources, especially tuna, is the key to national development for many newly-independent states of the South Pacific. They have industrialized fishing through joint ventures-collaborations between bost governments and multinational corporations.