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The increasing harvest of 7 edible seaweeds in Fiji and their importance to the economy of indigenous Fijians are discussed. Traditional methods in the collection, preparation and consumption of seaweeds by the Fijians are also presented.


Length-weight relationships of 335 species of fish of New Caledonia, belonging to 65 families of coral reef fishes, were computed (80%) or assembled from the literature (20% of all cases) to facilitate, among other things, estimation of coral reef fish biomass from visual census.

This contribution briefly reviews the various forms of overfishing, with emphasis on their implications for tropical coastal fisheries, e.g. the coral reef fisheries of the South Pacific. Addressed are : growth overfishing and its relationship to the study of growth and mortality of fish, and of gear characteristics; recruitment overfishing and its links with parental biomasses, as well as "biological" and ecosystem ovefishing.