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Despite increased evidence of overfishing of coastal and inland resources in the Indo-Pacific region, government fisheries development programmes, for the most part, retain their 'production' orientation. Using the familiar static economic model of the fishery and assuming the resource is both biologically and economically overfished, the author examines the likely impact on sustainable yields and fishing incomes of various development programmes.

Manure from grower-finisher pigs (15-100 kg) was added to 0.1 hs ponds at six different rates: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 140 pigs/ha of pond. Tilapia (Sarotherodon niloticus), Cyprinus carpio and Ophicephalus striatus were cultured in the ponds at total stocking rates of 10000 and 20000 fish/ha. There were two 90-day fish culture periods in each 180 day pig culture period. The highest net fish yield of 3549 kg/ha/180 days was obtained with 103 pig/ha and 20000 fish/ha treatment.