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Very preliminary bioeconomic assessments are reported in respect to fishery situation in Kenya. In the case of the shrimp fishery, it is concluded that the contemporary trawler fleet is substantially in excess of that required to maximise fishery profits. The second situation concerns the presently unexploited stock of quality demersal species on the North Kenya Bank.

It is proposed that the "recruitment pattern" routine of the ELEFAN II program can be modified to allow, in addition to length-frequency data, the use of "restructured" data files. An example, based on Oreochromis niloticus in Lake Itasy, Madagascar, is given to show that this results in recruitment patterns that have less temporal spread and hence better reflect the actual seasonality of recruitment.

Fish, Tilapia

The growth of freshwater clam Galatea paradoxa (Born) from the Cross River, Nigeria, was studied based on a count of growth checks on shells, presumed to be laid down annually. Mean lengths at ages 1 to 5 were 4.1 cm, 5.9 cm, 7.4 cm, 8.4 cm and 9.0 cm, respectively; maximum observed size was 11.1 cm. Growth conformed to the von Bertallanffy growth model with the parameters L sub( infinity ) = 11.2 cm, K = 0.3 year super(-1) and t sub(0)=0.5 year super(-1).