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In order to develop aquaculture systems and technologies relevant to the maize-based famring system in rural Africa, ICLARM is conducting farmer-participatory research in Malawi. This involves farmer-researcher interaction throughout the aquaculture program. The whole research process involves a continuing transfer of information and ideas between farmers and researchers so that research agendas can be adjusted to meet changing needs as indigenous aquaculture systems evolve.

This Technical Report contains the results of 2 missions. One mission deals with the state of fisheries andaquaculture research as well as research needs in 4 countries in Southeastern Africa: Kenya, Malawi,Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Following an analysis of relevant criteria for evaluating fisheries and aquaculture research, an account is given of the factors affecting the effectiveness of research in the 4 countries covered by the mission and also more generally in subsaharan Africa.

Fish have distinct preferences for plants and there is need to identify those that will lead to good growth and production, especially in Africa where there is abundant natural and agricultural waste vegetation. Some plants may also be useful as substitutes for animal protein components in formulated fish feeds. The objective of this study was to identify terrestrial plants acceptable to Tilapia rendalli and 0. shiranus, the main tilapias cultured in Malawi.

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