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An estimation is given of growth parameters of grey triggerfish (Balistes capriscus ) occurring off the coast ofGhana. Growth was estimated by observing annuli in the dorsal spine. From the distribution of observed length at age, mean lengths-at-age of 14.4, 23.6, 29.2, and 33.0 were obtained for age groups I, II, III and IV, respectively. From these, estimates of L sub( alpha ) = 40.8 cm and K = 0.43/year were obtained.


The findings are presented of an investigation conducted to assess the current status of the artisanal shrimp fisheryof Cross River Estuary, Nigeria with respect to catch rates and species composition. Three shrimp species were found to occur regularly in samples taken: Nematopalaemon hastatus, Exhippolysmata hastatoides and Parapenaeopsis atlantica , the former being the dominant species.

An examination is made of the yield of catfish (Bagrus meridionalis ) in Lake Malawi, using the dynamic pool modelof Beverton and Holt. Implications of the results of the analysis in development of appropriate fisherymanagement measures to rationally exploit the stock are discussed.