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This poster highlights the proper hand washing at five critical times and we will be distributing to our WASH practice households as well as schools and tea shops. Washing hands properly with clean water and soap at five critical times make you and your family happy and healthy. Hand washing has become of critical importance since the COVID-19 hit.


This document captures the information on basic nutrition available to consume fish, vegetables, and other nutritious food. It demonstrates that how less intake of nutrition leads to the malnutrition. Furthermore, the importnance of WASH, hygiene, and hand washing practice was discussed in the document.


The key steps of Small Scale Aquaculture (SSA) farming are framed in the document in a subsequntial manner. It communicates and disseminates the key information on how to generate more produce and income from SSA. In addition to this, it captures the information on how to properly wash your hands and take care of yourself for COVID 19 protection.