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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted food systems globally, resulting in significant impacts on economic and food security. In Bangladesh, aquatic food value chains make up a large part of the country’s food system. WorldFish is conducting longitudinal phone surveys to analyze the impacts of COVID-19 on aquatic food value chains, but these do not capture nuanced details of the context in which observed trends are embedded.

Une bonne nutrition des poissons dépend de la qualité des ingrédients utilisés pour préparer les aliments, de leur composition (recette), des techniques et du matériel employés lors de leur production, des soins qui leur sont apportés lors du stockage et de la technique d’alimentation des poissons.


This factsheet includes a map that indicates activities undertaken by World Fish and the Malaita Provincial Fisheries Office to support community-based resource management of local marine resources and the current status of management as active or otherwise.