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Fishing installations consisting of branches of trees, bushes or other soft vegetation stuck into the muddy bottoms of lagoons, lakes or rivers, are common throughout the world. Collectively, these may be termed "brush parks" and are found in many parts of west Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia and China, as well as in Ecuador and Mexico.


In the management of water, especially freshwater lakes, the actions of only a few people disturbing the environment can have considerable impact on aquatic ecology. Even small changes in the abundance of the different organisms can be symptoms of serious problems which can worsen if the causes are not found and removed. Finding the cause frequently involves an investigation by a trained biologist but depends first on someone recognizing that the problem exists.

This paper discusses briefly the theory of sail power and its application to fishing vessels, and examines theoperational requirements of a variety of fishing methods and the conditions under which sail power can be used in each method to reduce energy consumption. Fishing methods are listed in descending order of utilization of sail.